WGU’s vision plan through EyeMed, includes benefits for eye exams, eye glasses, and contact lenses.

  • To use your in-network benefits to purchase contact lenses online, visit contactsdirect.com.
  • To use your in-network benefits to purchase glasses online, visit glasses.com.
  • To locate laser vision correction providers, please call 1-877-5LASER6 or visit the EyeMed website.
Save Money with an In-Network Vision Provider

Go to the EyeMed website.

  • Select "Members"
  • "Find an Eye Doctor"
  • Enter your ZIP code
  • Choose the "Select" network
Key Words to Know
  • Copay: An amount you pay for a covered service each time you use that service
  • Retail Allowance: Maximum allowance paid toward the cost of vision materials; you are required to pay any amounts in excess of the retail allowance.
Hearing Care Discounts

EyeMed members have access to affordable hearing care discounts through Amplifon, the world’s largest distributor of hearing aids and services. To schedule your appointment, call 844-526-5432 to find a hearing care provider near you and to schedule your hearing exam today.

The Western Governors University Medical Plan also provides hearing aid coverage with a lifetime maximum of $5,000 per covered dependent. Be sure to explore both options to obtain the best coverage for your specific needs.


EyeMed Vision Plan

2024 Vision Plan

You have the option to enroll in vision coverage as a new hire, during Open Enrollment, or if you have a qualifying life event. To see your premiums and enroll, log in to Workday.

Coverage Details

While you may visit any provider, seeing an in-network provider will save you money.

Vision plan
In-Network (You Pay)Out-of-Network (Reimbursement)
Routine Eye Exams$10 copayUp to $30
Single Vision Lens$10 copayUp to $25
Bifocals$10 copayUp to $40
Trifocals$10 copayUp to $60
Lenticular$10 copayUp to $60
Standard Progressive$75 copayUp to $40
Frames$150 allowance + 20% discount off balanceUp to $75
Polycarbonates and anti-reflective$40/$45Not covered
Contact Lenses – in lieu of frames/lenses
Medically necessary$0Up to $210
Disposable$150 allowance + 15% discount off balanceUp to $120
Benefit Frequency
ExamsOnce every calendar year​
LensesOnce every calendar year​
FramesOnce every 2 calendar years
Contacts Once every calendar year​
Additional Savings
LASIK Vision Correction15% off retail price or 5% off promotional pricingN/A

Find a Doctor

Using in-network providers saves you money. Here’s how to find doctors in your plan network.


  • Visit the EyeMed website.
  • Click on “Members”
  • Click “Find an Eye Doctor” and follow the prompts.

EyeMed ID Card

Under WGU’s vision plan through EyeMed, you don’t need an ID card as long as you use an in-network provider. Your provider will be able to locate your coverage record by your name and other details. If you would like a printed vision plan ID card, you can still request one through eyemed.com/member.