WGU supports all employees who want to have a family. Whether you are thinking about starting a family or need extra support, our family-planning program offerings can help you.

Western Governors University Offers Paid Parental Leave

To support your family plans, Western Governors University is happy to provide up to 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave (PPL) to eligible employees. Be sure to check out Time Off and Leaves of Absence for more details.


Carrot Fertility, Adoption & Surrogacy

Carrot’s inclusive fertility and family-forming benefits program is designed to support every unique parenthood journey. Carrot provides inclusive support across fertility, hormonal health, and family-forming services. Carrot’s program covers fertility education and assessments, fertility preservation (egg, sperm, and embryo freezing), in vitro fertilization (IVF), donor-assisted reproduction including gestational carrier services, adoption, and fostering support. We’ve gone a step further and expanded it to provide support for perimenopause/ menopause, low testosterone, 1:1 pregnancy coaching, expert-led small group sessions, access to in-person doula care, and more.

For WGU employees enrolled in WGU’s medical plans, Carrot provides personalized support for those growing their family. This includes:

  • a directory of qualified providers
  • a dedicated Care Team available to answer questions, connect you to experts, and facilitate appointment booking
  • resources to help you understand your clinical options, costs, and any special circumstances
  • unlimited, free, virtual visits with reproductive endocrinologists, adoption experts, emotional wellness experts, and more
  • access to educational resources, such as videos and expert-authored articles, to learn more about the process and feel confident making decisions
  • small, expert-led group sessions, 1:1 coaching with pregnancy experts and easier access to in-person doula care
  • expert-led group sessions and dynamic educational content for people experiencing menopause and/or low testosterone (low T)

Your WGU-Sponsored Funds

Your Carrot benefit gives you employer-sponsored funds you can use to pay for fertility treatments or other family-forming services. You receive up to a $15,000 lifetime maximum to apply across all available services.

How to Pay for Your Care

Pay out-of-pocket at time of service, and then upload a photo of your clinic’s itemized bill to Carrot. Once it’s validated, you’ll get reimbursed within the first 10 days of the month following the request.

Discover Your Options with Carrot

Be sure to check out the WGU Carrot Benefit Guide for more details.

Get Started

Claim your benefit today to access your employer-sponsored funds and explore all the resources Carrot has to offer. Sign up at app.get-carrot.com/signup.

Have Questions?

Your dedicated Carrot Care Team is here to answer your questions, help you get started, and support you along your personal path to parenthood. Get in touch at support@get-carrot.com.

Milk Stork

Milk Stork is a specialized service available to working, nursing parents, who are away on business for WGU. It provides refrigerated, easy express shipping so you don't have to choose between your career and your commitment to breastfeeding. To learn more about the benefits of Milk Stork, please check out this video.

See the Benefits of Milk Stork

To learn more about the benefits of Milk Stork, and to place orders with your WGU email address, visit milkstork.com/wgu.edu.


Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby

Expanding your family is an important milestone, and taking care of your health and the health of your baby is especially crucial. This program includes:

  • Access to pregnancy coaches to support you during your pregnancy, along with tools such as an audio library of health topics and a pregnancy journal filled with charts and information
  • $150 incentive if you enroll in your first trimester, or $75 if you enroll in the second trimester
  • Your WGU Medical Plan with Cigna also includes coverage for a breast pump at no additional cost once you reach your 28th week of pregnancy
Get the App

Access the Cigna Healthy Pregnancy app, available for download on Google Play or the App Store or via myCigna.com, to view educational videos about your baby’s weekly development, access the Baby Boost relaxation tool, and get daily updates with important tips and inspirational quotes.