WGU Wellbeing strives to help you on your path to a healthier lifestyle – every day! That’s why WGU has partnered with Sonic Boom to create a fun and invigorating online experience that is all about small, simple nudges and inspirations to help you help yourself. Not only will you develop healthier habits and connect with your coworkers, but WGU wants to recognize your commitment to your personal wellbeing by offering opportunities to earn incentives and rewards along the way.

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

This program is voluntary and available to all active employees. New hires will receive a detailed communication from WGU People Center with instructions on how to qualify for medical plan incentives, as well as access to the Sonic Boom portal.

What Is Sonic Boom?

WGU Wellbeing is powered by a fun, robust online platform called Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom provides tons of tools, resources, contests/challenges, and communications to help you focus on optimal nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress reduction, and more. The challenges are fun and educational, and many rely on social interaction with your WGU colleagues nationwide. So, step outside your comfort zone and join the fun!

What Are the Rewards and Incentives?

WGU Wellbeing believes the best rewards are realized when barriers to your wellbeing are removed and you feel connected to a fun community of coworkers. Through Sonic Boom you will be motivated and supported to take small steps toward healthy changes that are important to you.

In addition to the intrinsic value, WGU Wellbeing will reward you along the way as you engage in various activities. Everyone can accumulate Boomin Bucks for participating in a wide range of healthy actions. And then you can treat yourself to something nice from the thousands of options within the Boomin Bucks Store.

In addition, if you elect to be enrolled in WGU’s Medical Plan, you can receive additional incentives. The WGU Medical Plan incentive is earned by completing certain qualifying activities within Sonic Boom. The incentive you will be eligible to receive is based on the WGU Medical Plan option you are enrolled in, as follows:

  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP): Throughout the year, as you complete qualifying activities, earn wellbeing contributions to your WGU Health Savings Account (HSA) – earn up to $750 annual maximum
  • Traditional Low Deductible Plan (LDHP): If you complete the required number of activities before the end of the year, you will qualify for a medical plan premium credit (currently $73.98 per paycheck). That incentive will be applied or awarded in January of the next calendar year
  • Those not enrolled in any of WGU’s medical plan options can earn Boomin Bucks: Sonic Boom’s virtual currency that allows you to “shop” in the Sonic Boom online store for merchandise you’ll love! You are also eligible to participate in fun contests and challenges for a wide range of rewards

Alternative Options

If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for an incentive reward under the WGU Wellbeing program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same incentive reward by different means. Visit the WGU People Center to submit a request for additional help.  We will work with you (and, if you wish, with your doctor) to find an alternative way for you to earn the same incentive reward that is right for you in light of your health status.

How It Works

  1. Login to the Sonic Boom portal using your WGU Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.
  2. You may also directly visit wgu.app.sbwell.com, but will need to select “Enter Company Login” before being prompted for your SSO login.
  3. Visit the Rewards page in Sonic Boom and complete a variety of activities across the several dimensions of wellbeing to earn an incentive.
  4. Complete activities in the Preventive Health category to qualify for WGU’s medical plan incentives:
    • Those on the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) can earn a $150 credit to their HSA for each activity completed in the Preventive Health category, up to the $750 annual credit maximum (five activities)
    • Those on the Traditional Low Deductible Plan (LDHP) must complete five Preventive Health category activities between January 1 and December 31 in order to receive the medical plan incentive in the following calendar year
    • Continue to visit Sonic Boom regularly and complete activities and challenges throughout the portal or from the Holistic Wellbeing category to earn Boomin Bucks
    • Earn even more Boomin Bucks by highlighting colleagues monthly on WGU’s employee recognition platform – Motivosity
FAQs about Sonic Boom

What are some of the reasons I should engage in WGU Wellbeing and Sonic Boom?

WGU Wellbeing has something for everyone – whether it’s getting in shape, better nutrition, health coaching, emotional wellbeing and resilience, or improving in other areas that are important to you. When you participate regularly, you realize the intrinsic value almost right away. Plus, it’s fun!

The Sonic Boom portal also offers a fun, virtual “currency” called Boomin Bucks – see next question for more details. If you participate in a WGU Medical Plan, you will also have an opportunity to earn additional incentives to help with the cost of healthcare.

What are Boomin Bucks?

Boomin Bucks are Sonic Boom’s virtual currency that allows you to “shop” online for fun and useful merchandise you'll love. The more healthy habits and activities you engage in, the more Boomin Bucks you can earn (an annual maximum will apply). The catalog includes thousands of ever-changing, brand-name items – from electronics to gift cards, to fitness gear and dozens of other categories.

Why does my Rewards page show two different Boomin Bucks balances?

Balances listed at the top of the Rewards page indicate the amount of Boomin Bucks earned within the active earning period. A separate balance listed at the bottom of the Rewards page indicates your total Boomin Bucks balance available for spending. These amounts may differ for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, spending changes due to recent shopping in the catalog, carryover of unspent Boomin Bucks from a prior earning period, or additional prizes awarded by WGU that are not associated with current activities listed in the Rewards page.

How do I redeem Boomin Bucks?

On the Rewards page, you will see your total balance of Boomin Bucks available to spend at the bottom of the page. You will see a button labeled “Start Shopping.” This is where you can redeem your bucks for a variety of items available in the Boomin Bucks store.

I am enrolled in the WGU Medical Plan. How do I earn the medical plan incentive in Sonic Boom?

The rewards period to earn Boomin Bucks and medical plan incentives coordinates with the calendar year. Review the WGU Wellbeing + Sonic Boom page for detailed information on how to earn rewards and incentives. Other eligibility rules may apply if you are a new hire. Please see new hire question below for more information.

What happens to my incentive if I switched my WGU Medical Plan election during Open Enrollment?

If you completed 5 activities in the Preventive Activities category on the Rewards page in Sonic Boom and elected to change WGU Medical Plans for 2024, you will receive the medical plan incentive based on your new medical plan coverage - see details below.

  • Those with no WGU medical coverage or who carried Traditional LDHP coverage for 2023 and have elected HDHP coverage for 2024 will receive a $150 Wellbeing contribution to the HSA in January.
  • Those who carried HDHP coverage for 2023 and have elected Traditional LDHP coverage for 2024 will receive and maintain the wellbeing credit applied to their 2024 biweekly benefit premiums.

I am a new hire. How do I qualify for the medical plan incentive in my first calendar year with WGU?

New hires will receive a welcome communication directly from Sonic Boom by the end of your first week, notifying you that your access to the Sonic Boom portal has been established. As a new hire, you can complete a scavenger hunt activity to earn a prorated incentive within your first calendar year with WGU. This activity will be separate from the activities found on the Rewards page of the Sonic Boom portal. Details on your new hire wellbeing eligibility and access to the activity can be found on the WGU Wellbeing + Sonic Boom page. For any questions regarding WGU Wellbeing, please visit the WGU People Center to submit a request for additional help.

What if I am not eligible for the WGU Medical Plan or choose to waive medical coverage through WGU? Should I still participate in WGU Wellbeing?

Absolutely! All employees are encouraged to participate regardless of your medical plan enrollment. The true purpose of WGU Wellbeing is to support you on your path to personal wellbeing, while offering rewards and incentives to recognize that commitment. Those not enrolled in WGU's Medical Plan can still earn Boomin Bucks for completing activities within the Sonic Boom portal.

Keep in mind that if you experience a qualifying event that prompts you to elect WGU medical coverage mid-year, any participation credit earned within the active rewards period will carryover and count towards qualifying for the applicable medical plan incentives!

I have medical coverage outside of WGU. Why don't I qualify for a financial award in lieu of the incentive WGU medical plan members receive?

Medical plan incentives are financially structured as part of the WGU Medical Plan design and are purposely reserved for those with WGU medical coverage. If you have medical coverage outside of WGU, it is possible that plan also has a wellbeing program with incentives that you (or your spouse/partner) can take advantage of. Under the WGU Wellbeing program, you are still eligible to earn Boomin Bucks that can be redeemed for items within the Sonic Boom online store.

Am I required to buy and use a device tracker for my physical activity?

While Sonic Boom offers robust tracking features, you are not required to buy or use a physical activity tracker (e.g. Fitbit or Apple Watch) to take advantage of WGU Wellbeing and the Sonic Boom portal. This is an optional feature if you have a compatible device or app that you would like to have registered. There are many other activities available that do not require tracking.

For those that do like to track their physical activity, having a tracker device will help save you time by securely syncing directly to the Sonic Boom mobile app. WGU makes available purchase credits and discounts towards activity devices if you are interested. Visit the WGU People Center to submit a request for additional help.  

Can I manually enter my physical activity into Sonic Boom?

WGU Wellbeing wants you to focus on you—not on manual data entry! The Sonic Boom portal is designed to take advantage of automatic activity validation as much as possible. While physical activity information such as steps, calories, or distance must be automatically tracked via device or app (e.g., FitBit or Google Fit), there are many activities such as career development, journaling, volunteering and others that are designed for manual tracking and reporting by you. All other activities will be tracked through automated validations by Sonic Boom or WGU (e.g., health coaching, Caught Ya, Sonic Boom Academy courses, etc.).

Am I required to have an activity device connected to Sonic Boom in order to qualify for the medical plan incentive?

No. While an activity device or app is necessary if you would like to track physical activity in Sonic Boom, it is not a requirement to qualify for medical plan incentives. Eligible activities that will count towards qualifying for medical plan incentives will be listed in the Preventive Health category of the Rewards page. Review the WGU Wellbeing + Sonic Boom page for more information on how to earn medical plan incentives.

Can I invite my spouse/partner or significant other to participate in WGU Wellbeing?

Yes! WGU Wellbeing is open to spouses/partners. Access the Sonic Boom portal for details on how to invite your significant other to join you on your wellbeing journey. Your spouse/partner can also earn Boomin Bucks that they can redeem for merchandise in Sonic Boom's online store. Activities completed by your spouse/partner do not count towards qualifying for any medical plan incentives, nor can it replace your participation as an employee.

Do you have to use a Sonic Boom health coach or can I use one of my own choosing?

WGU Wellbeing's designated health coaching partner is Sonic Boom. While you are encouraged to seek coaching that works best for you, in order to receive credit for coaching under the WGU Wellbeing program, you must use a Sonic Boom coach.

I am having technical issues within the Sonic Boom Portal, who do I contact?

If you are having any technical difficulties within the Sonic Boom portal or with your activity tracker syncing correctly to the mobile app, please contact the Sonic Boom Support Team at info@sbwell.com.

How do I know my information stored at Sonic Boom is kept private?

WGU Wellbeing and Sonic Boom each have a long-standing focus on security and privacy. For more details, access the Sonic Boom Privacy Policy.

What happens to my Boomin Bucks if I decide to leave WGU?

Once your employment has been terminated at WGU, you will no longer have access to your Sonic Boom account to spend your Boomin Bucks. We recommend that you ensure any remaining balances are spent prior to termination.

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