Spring Health

WGU understands the importance of mental health and the role it plays in our overall wellbeing. To support your total wellbeing, WGU offers access to Spring Health to you, your spouse/domestic partner, and dependent children (6 years or older). This benefit is 100% confidential and your information is never shared. Just like exercising regularly or going to the doctor for an annual checkup, prioritizing your mental health supports your overall wellbeing. Spring Health is a mental health benefit that gives you the tools to help you feel your best.

At no cost, you and your dependents can use Spring Health for:

  • In-app wellbeing exercises. Support your mental fitness on the go, with exercises in meditation, better sleep, and more.
  • Therapy. Book confidential sessions with trusted providers at times that fit your schedule. Costs for your first 10 sessions are fully covered by Western Governors University. Using Spring Health is 100% confidential and your information is never shared.
  • Motivational coaching sessions. Set and meet goals around managing stress, relationships, parenting, and more with the help of a motivational coach. 10 motivational coaching sessions will be available at no cost for you and your covered dependents aged 18 and older.
  • Personalized assessments. Take advantage of assessments to learn more about yourself and receive recommendations to support your needs.
  • Dedicated support. Receive guidance along your journey from your own Care Navigator.
  • Work-life resources. Access services to help you navigate life’s challenges, from legal guidance to financial planning.

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Activate your Spring Health account by visiting wgu.springhealth.com.



While you can’t always control what happens in life, you can transform the way you relate to your circumstances. Meditation is one way to empower yourself with awareness and compassion, giving a healthier perspective toward reality and an openness to be kinder to yourself and others. That’s why Western Governors University provides the Headspace app resource to support the mental health and wellbeing of you and your family.


Headspace is more than a meditation app. It's your personal guide to mindfulness, sleep, focus, movement, and more. From waking up to exercising, eating, and sleeping, Headspace has 1000+ hours of exercises to help you live your whole day mindfully — not just when you're sitting to meditate. Headspace's simple, accessible exercises are rooted in 2,000 years of authentic expertise, and backed by proven research.

At this time, Headspace is only available to WGU employees and is not available to spouses, partners or their children.

How the App Works

Headspace is meditation made simple. Through the Headspace app, you will learn life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness by practicing for just a few minutes a day. You have access to hundreds of themed meditations such as stress, compassion, self-esteem, relationships, sleep and productivity.




Join Headspace In Three Steps:

  1. Visit the Headspace site
  2. Create a Headspace account or log in with an existing account and verify your WGU employee email.
  3. Download Headspace from your phone’s app store and get started.

Have a Question?

For technical support, email teamsupport@headspace.com.