Who Can Enroll in WGU Benefits?

WGU employees in regular positions classified to typically work 30 or more hours per week are eligible to enroll in WGU’s benefits program. Positions classified for fewer than 30 hours per week are generally not eligible for medical, dental, and WGU-paid life and disability benefits. If your position is classified as part-time, temporary, intern, or intermittent, other eligibility rules may apply for purposes of vacation, sick, and holiday eligibility. You may also cover your eligible dependents under WGU’s medical, health savings account (HSA), prescription, dental, vision, and life benefits.

FT Employees in Regular Positions Classified to Work 30+ Hours per Week PT Employees in Regular Positions Classified to Work Less Than 30 Hours per Week
Medical, Telehealth, Dental and Vision Vision
HSA/FSA accounts Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
Supplemental Benefits (Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity) Supplemental Benefits (Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity)
WGU-paid life and disability benefits (STD and LTD) Voluntary Life & AD&D
LegalShield & IDShield LegalShield & IDShield
Discounted WGU tuition Discounted WGU tuition
Retirement Savings Plan Retirement Savings Plan
Paid Holidays, Vacation and Sick Time Paid Holidays and Sick time (prorated)
Wellbeing programs including Mental Healthcare Perkspot (Discount program)
Paid Parental Leave and Family Planning
Employees in Temporary Positions Classified to Work 30+ Hours per Week Employees in Temporary Positions Classified to Work Less Than 30 Hours per Week
Medical and HSA (if hired to work full-time 30+ hours) Retirement Savings Plan (Eligible to receive employer contributions after 1,000 hours worked during first year of employment)
Retirement Savings Plan (Eligible to receive employer contributions after 1,000 hours worked during first year of employment) Perkspot (Discount program)
Perkspot (Discount program) Paid Holidays and Sick Time (prorated)
Paid Holidays and Sick Time Discounted WGU tuition
Discounted WGU tuition Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Healthcare
Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Healthcare WGU Wellbeing
WGU Wellbeing

Note: Special Medical Plan eligibility is extended to employees otherwise ineligible for WGU Medical coverage, if their 12-month average of actual hours worked exceeds 30 per week.

Who Is an Eligible Dependent?

Your eligible dependents include:

  • Spouse or domestic partner (same or opposite gender)
  • Your child(ren) and your covered spouse’s or domestic partner’s child(ren) up to age 26
  • Disabled children who became disabled on or before age 26

Domestic Partner Eligibility applies to you if:

  • You are a registered domestic partner


  • You maintain the same principal place of residence and intend to do so in the future
  • You agree to be responsible for each other’s basic living expenses in the event that either of you is unable to provide such expenses for himself or herself
  • You are both 18 or older
  • Neither of you are married
  • You are not related by blood to such a degree that you would be prevented from marrying in the state in which you reside
  • Neither of you has maintained coverage for another domestic partner under any health plan within the last six months (this excludes any domestic partner that has died within the last six months)
  • You agree to notify WGU immediately upon your failure to satisfy any of the criteria of domestic partnership

Dependents not eligible for coverage under WGU benefits include grandchildren, parents, cousins, friends, roommates, neighbors, and fiancés (unless a domestic partner). WGU implemented a process to verify the eligibility of all dependents (spouses/partners or children) on WGU health coverage. This new process will lower compliance risk, preserve enrollment accuracy, and help control claims costs and premium increases. Employees covering dependents will be asked to provide documentation to verify each covered dependent’s eligibility. If you believe you may be covering an ineligible dependent and need to discuss options, please visit the WGU People Center to submit a request for additional assistance.


Decision Support

Choosing the right plans is important for both your health and your financial wellbeing. You can find everything you need to know about choosing your benefits for the new year on the current platform. If you need additional support, the resources below will help you understand your options and select the ones that provide the right coverage and value for you and your family.


Enrollment Checklist

Your Enrollment Checklist

Use this checklist to make the most of your Open Enrollment opportunity:

  • Access WGU Employee Benefits information and Workday help resources on the current site, or visit the WGU People Center to submit a request for additional assistance.
  • Compare medical plan options. Use the HealthEquity Medical Plan Comparison Tool to model costs of WGU’s two medical plan options based on your specific circumstances and inputs. Access the tool from the My Benefits page of the IntraNest.
  • Enroll in benefits. Elect those that best support you and your family. Consider any coverage options your family members may have access to before electing to cover them on WGU’s plans.
  • Make sure your information in Workday is accurate, including home address, life insurance beneficiaries, and dependents.
  • Ensure plan beneficiaries are current in Workday for life insurance, in your retirement account with Transamerica, and within your HealthEquity HSA account.
  • Complete your benefits enrollment in Workday during your enrollment period. Remember to print or save a copy of your enrollment confirmation within Workday.
TIP: Think About the Whole Cost

When choosing a medical plan, it’s important to think about the whole cost of coverage — the amount you’ll spend out of your paycheck, as well as out of your pocket (copays, deductibles, and coinsurance).

TIP: Review Your Benefits Even If You’re Not Making Changes

Even if you don’t plan to make any changes during Annual Enrollment, it’s always a good idea to double-check your elections now to ensure that your current coverage still fits the needs of you and your family.


How to Enroll

After reviewing your benefit options, make your enrollment selections during WGU's annual Open Enrollment.

Enrolling Is Easy!

Visit Workday — Enroll online at your convenience, any time of day or night. Workday will guide you through the benefits enrollment process every step of the way.

Log In

On the Workday homepage, you will see that you may have a task waiting for you in your Workday inbox, which is located in the upper right hand corner. One of the tasks waiting for you is to enroll in your benefits. When you click this task, you will follow the on-screen instructions to make your benefit elections.

Make Your Elections

You’ll use Workday to enroll in your benefits each Open Enrollment.

Review Your Benefit and Program Offerings
During Open Enrollment, you’ll receive a task in Workday to enroll in benefits. Be sure to first check out our medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and other offerings to determine which plans best fit your needs. Additionally, you can learn more about who in your family is covered by our plans.

Ready to Enroll?
Enroll in the following benefits using Workday:

Important Reminders!
  • Certain information about your dependents may be required to enroll or requested from you after enrollment is completed. You will be notified if any such information is needed for coverage you elect for eligible family members.
  • Make sure you’ve provided beneficiary information for your life insurance.

Please note: After Open Enrollment ends, you cannot change your benefit elections unless you experience a qualifying life event, such as getting married, having a baby, or adopting a child.